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  • Rizzo, S. (2014)
    An overview of cognitive learning processes. Efficient learning reduce irrelevant load, increase relevant load, manage intrinsic load.
  • Assangaliyeva, Madina (2014)
    Interlibrary loan is the process by which a library requests material from, or supplies material to, another library
  • Assylbekova, Kamilya (2014)
    The reference department offers sessions each semester for both students and faculty to support their research!
  • Yermekpayeva, Tendik (2014-10-13)
    This course helps to those who take this course adjust to changes in the library. Mostly changes are directed on improving services rendered to patrons. As far as libraries are constantly improving services, librarians ...
  • Bakhovidinov, Alovidin; Batkayeva, Alina (2014-10-20)
    An Accreditation is the process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented. Organizations that issue credentials or certify third parties against official standards are themselves formally ...
  • Assangaliyeva, Madina; Griffiths, Katrina; Rempel, Jennifer; Rizzo, S.; Slaven, Rebecca (2014-12-27)
    The purpose of the 4th International Conference ( Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 27-28 December, 2014) on Advances in Social Sciences is: “to promote international dissemination of knowledge and development of cross-national ...
  • Lapo ( Лапо ), Piotr ( Пeтр ); Dautova ( Даутова ), Anar ( Анар ) (2015)
    The presentation highlights design and equipment of the University of Pittsburgh Library System including the central Hillman Library and Falk Library of the Health Sciences and the Carnegie-Mellon University Library ...
  • Smagulova, Roza (2015-01-10)
    In today's digital age the role of libraries in the academic life of the university is increasingly a subject to change. Proper advertising will help the library to take and strengthen a visible place in the university. ● ...
  • Jangulova (Джангулова), Tolkyn (Толкын) (2015-03)
    The University of Wisconsin Digital Collections (UWDC) were established in the summer of 2001. The Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL) and UW System's Office of Learning & Information Technology created the ...
  • Lapo, Piotr (2016-09-29)
    Ontologies and Linked Data (Introductory Lecture)
  • Groen, Carlene (NU Library, 2016-10-13)
    My presentation discussed Kazakh laws that create a barrier to information access. I talked about censorship and State control. My recommendations also had themes of government transparency and access to information.
  • Jangulova, Tolkyn (Nazarbayev University Library, 2016-11)
  • Niyazbayeva, Venera; Shurshenova, Aigerim (NU Library, 2016-11-10)
    ALA course: Fundamentals of Cataloging (FOC) begins with a discussion of how cataloging assists users in finding resources and of the value of standardization of practice. These foundations are then given practical grounding ...
  • Shurshenova, Aigerim (NU Library, 2016-11-10)
    This presentation provides an overview of classes on cataloging in UW-Madison Libraries and gives the most important things about cataloging in general and how UW catalogers work with bibliographical records using Integrated ...
  • Yap, Joseph M. (Nazarbayev University Library, 2020-04-29)
    This presentation aims to enumerate and explain the different approaches in client-centered collection assessment methods; to educate the participants about the advantages/ disadvantages in client-centered collection ...

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