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Nazarbayev University Repository is an institutional electronic archive for long term storage, accumulation and provision of long-term and reliable open access to scientific research results and intellectual products of the academic community of Nazarbayev University associated with them.

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  • Amerzhanova, Yerkezhan; Vangelista, Luca (Frontiers in Immunology, 2022)
    The large number of pathologies that position CCR5 as a central molecular determinant substantiates the studies aimed at understanding receptor-ligand interactions, as well as the development of compounds that efficiently ...
  • Fraune, Marlena R.; Leite, Iolanda; Karatas, Nihan; Amirova, Aida; Legeleux, Amélie; Sandygulova, Anara; Neerincx, Anouk; Tikas, Gaurav Dilip; Gunes, Hatice; Mohan, Mayumi; Abbasi, Nida Itrat; Shenoy, Sudhir; Scassellati, Brian; de Visser, Ewart J.; Komatsu, Takanori (Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 2022)
    The field of human-robot interaction (HRI) research is multidisciplinary and requires researchers to understand diverse fields including computer science, engineering, informatics, philosophy, psychology, and more ...
  • Alshehry, Abdualrahman Saeed; Cruz, Jonas Preposi; Alquwez, Nahed; Alsharari, Abdalkarem F.; Tork, Hanan M. M.; Almazan, Joseph U.; Alshammari, Farhan; Alabdulaziz, Hawa; Alsolami, Fatmah; Tumala, Regie B.; Thobaity, Abdulellah Al; Alqahtani, Friyal Mubarak; Balay-Odao, Ejercito (Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2021)
    Aims: This study examined the predictors of student nurses’ intention to vaccinate against COVID-19. We measured the nursing students’ risk perceptions, anxiety, fears and beliefs on COVID-19 vaccine; attitudes towards ...
  • Akhmetzhanova, Botagoz; Nadeem, Abid; Hossain, Md Aslam; Kim, Jong R. (Buildings, 2022)
    Research on the digital built environment in the context of identifying and minimizing clashes is a critical area to investigate owing to the significant influence of clashes on the construction process. This research ...
  • Sergazy, Shynggys; Vetrova, Anastassiya; Orhan, Ilkay Erdogan; Deniz, Fatma Sezer Senol; Kahraman, Ahmet; Zhang, Jian-Ye; Aljofan, Mohamad (Future science, 2021)
    Several plant species of the genera Geranium and Erodium were extracted and screened against five tumor cell lines for their potential antitumor activities. Out of the tested species, four showed potential antitumor ...

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