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  • Rest, J.; Yacout, A. M.; Ye, B.; Yun, D.; Kuksin, A. Y.; Norman, G. E.; Stegailov, V. V.; Yanilkin, A. V.; Insepov, Z. (2012 MRS Spring Meeting, 2012-04)
    A new Mo potential, developed recently by using an ab initio quantum mechanics theory, was used to study formation and time evolution of radiation defects, such as self-interstitial atoms (SIAs), vacancies, and small ...
  • Yun, D.; Kirk, Marquis A.; Baldo, Peter M.; Rest, J.; Yacout, A. M.; Insepov, Z. (Journ al of Nuclear Materials, 2013-06-30)
    Abstract In order to study irradiation damage and inert gas bubble formation and growth behaviors, and to provide results and insights useful towards the validation of a multi-scale simulation approach based on a newly ...
  • Rest, J.; Ye, B.; Yun, D.; Insepov, Z. (Computational Materials Science, 2014-10-31)
    Abstract In order to overcome a lack of experimental information on values for key materials properties and kinetic coefficients, a multiscale modeling approach is applied to defect behavior in irradiated Mo where key ...
  • Smirnova, D.E.; Kuksin, A. Y.; Starikov, S. V.; Stegailov, V. V.; Rest, J.; Yacout, A. M.; Insepov, Z. (Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 21(3), 2013-04)
    A new interatomic potential for a uranium-molybdenum system with xenon is developed in the framework of an embedded atom model using a force-matching technique and a dataset of ab initio atomic forces. The verification of ...

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