Репозиторий NUR


Репозиторий Назарбаев Университета представляет собой институциональный электронный архив для длительного хранения, накопления и обеспечения долговременного и надежного открытого доступа к результатам научных исследований и связанных с ними интеллектуальных продуктов академического сообщества «Назарбаев Университет».

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Новые поступления

  • Kulchukova, Zhamila (School of Sciences and Humanities, 2023)
    In recent years, optical vortex knots have been the subject of active research. The knots appear in various areas of physics and understanding the mechanism that is responsible for their formation is a problem that extends ...
  • Ramankulova, Gulnaz (School of Sciences and Humanities, 2023)
    This thesis studies the impact of life-threatening illnesses on individuals’ health insurance choice. After experiencing health shock, an individual makes both immediate and long-term adjustments to insurance decisions. ...
  • Abilmazhinova, Madina (School of Sciences and Humanities, 2023)
    Radiating spherically-symmetric collapsing model is studied. Exterior Vaidya spacetime is matched with the interior of a perfect fluid with a heat flow. Junction conditions and field equations are derived, revealing that ...
  • Talapkerova, Lola (School of Sciences and Humanities, 2023)
    Religious values do not disappear in modern society: they adapt and continue to shape the consciousness of people worldwide. This paper studies how religious beliefs influence people’s economic decisions and their gender ...
  • Karimov, Aibek (School of Sciences and Humanities, 2023)
    Aging is the process that affects all living organisms, including humans. With aging our bodies undergo a significant amount of changes, which affect our health. Interestingly, people, although very similar physiologically, ...

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