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  • Vangelista, Luca; Untersmayr, Eva; Bergmann, Christoph; Bianchini, Rodolfo; Cozen, Wendy; Gould, Hannah; Hartmann, Karin; Josephs, Debra; Levi-Schaffer, Francesca; Penichet, Manuel L.; O'Mahony, Liam; Poli, Aurelie; Redegeld, Frank A; Roth-Walter, Franziska; Turner, Michelle C.; Karagiannis, Sophia N; Jensen-Jarolim, Erika (2019-01-12)
    The microbiota can play important roles in the development of human immunity and the establishment of immune homeostasis. Lifestyle factors including diet, hygiene, and exposure to viruses or bacteria, and medical interventions ...

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