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  • Linder, Eric V. (PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 2020)
    Fast radio bursts (FRBs) probe the electron density of the universe along the path of propagation, making high redshift FRB sensitive to the helium reionization epoch. We analyze the signal to noise with which a detection ...
  • Liao, Kai; Shafieloo, Arman; Keeley, Ryan E.; Linder, Eric V. (arxiv, 2020)
    We determine the Hubble constant H0 precisely (2.3% uncertainty) in a manner independent of cosmological model through Gaussian process regression, using strong lensing and supernova data. Strong gravitational lensing ...
  • Brando, Guilherme; Linder, Eric V. (PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 2020)
    Perturbations from inflation evolve into large scale structure of the late universe, and encode abundant cosmic structure formation physics. We allow freedom in the primordial power spectrum, rather than assuming a power ...
  • Good, Michael R.R. (arxiv, 2020)
    Modeling the collapse of an extreme Reissner-Nordstr¨om (ERN) black hole by solving the corre sponding moving mirror model for the trajectory that asymptotically approaches uniform accelera tion, we obtain the non-zero ...
  • Zhakenuly, Abay; Good, Michael R.R.; Linder, Eric V. (arxiv, 2020)
    An accelerated boundary correspondence (ABC) is solved for the de Sitter moving mirror cos mology. The beta Bogoliubov coefficients reveal the particle spectrum is a Planck distribution with temperature inversely proportional ...
  • Lau, Albert Wai Kit; Shafiee, Mehdi; Smoot, George F.; Grossan, Bruce; Li, Siyang; Maksut, Zhanat (arxiv, 2020)
    In our Ultra-Fast Astronomy (UFA) program, we aim to improve measurements of variability of astro nomical targets on millisecond and shorter time scales. In this work, we present initial on-sky measurements of the performance ...
  • Fernandez-Silvestre, Diego; Foo, Joshua; Good, Michael R.R. (Classical and Quantum Gravity, 2022)
    The Schwarzschild-de Sitter (SdS) metric is the simplest spacetime solution in general relativity with both a black hole event horizon and a cosmological event horizon. Since the Schwarzschild metric is the most ...

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