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  • Yap, Joseph M. (Philippine Association for Media and Information Literacy (PAMIL) and the Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL) Asia Pacific Chapter, 2020-05-15)
    As MIL practitioners, we are expected to be critical evaluators of media sources and information, thus this presentation aims to strengthen our skills and attitudes to help us identify and evaluate the legitimacy of the ...
  • Yap, Joseph M. (Sri Lanka Technological Campus, 2020-05-29)
    Libraries and librarians should not feel complacent in times of pandemic. This is their moment to reach out and offer virtual initiatives during extended library closures due to public health crises. The role of libraries ...
  • Yap, Joseph M.; Jangulova, Tolkyn (Sixth International Conference of Asian Special Libraries (ICoASL 2019).New Delhi, India, 2019-02-14)
    Digital Kazakhstan is a state program which aims to augment the quality of life of the mankind by introducing and integrating digital technologies to the citizens’ daily life....

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