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  • Insepov, Z.; Yun, D.; Ye, B.; Rest, J.; Starikov, S.; Yacout, A. M. (American Institute of Physics, 2011-06)
    Radiation defects generated in Mo formed by sub-MeV Xe ion implantations were studied by atomistic molecular dynamics based on interatomic potential matched to density functional calculations. The results of the simulations ...
  • Adams, B.; Insepov, Z.; Ivanov, V.; Norem, J. (Proceedings of IPAC2012, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2012)
    High-performance detectors with high spatial and time resolutions are required in applications such as imaging of fast processes, time-resolved coherent scattering, and time-resolved X-ray spectroscopy. Recently a new type ...
  • Yonehara, K.; Chung, M.; Popovic, M.; Moretti, A.; Wang, H.; Alsharo'a, M.; Insepov, Z. (Fermilab, 2010)
    A high pressure hydrogen gas filled RF cavity has been proposed for use in the muon collection system for a muon collider. It allows for high electric field gradients in RF cavities located in strong magnetic fields, a ...
  • Norem, J.; Bross, A.; Hassanein, A.; Qian, Z.; Yoon, K. E.; Moretti, A.; Li, D. (Fermilab, 2006-06)
    Studies of low frequency RF systems for muon cooling has led to a variety of new techniques for looking at dark currents, a new model of breakdown, and, ultimately, a model of RF cavity operation based on surface damage. ...
  • Norem, J.; Insepov, Z.; Huang, D.; Mahalingam, S.; Veitzer, S. (American Institute of Physics, 2010-03)
    We describe breakdown in rf accelerator cavities in terms of a number of mechanisms. We divide the breakdown process into three stages: 1) we model surface failure using molecular dynamics of fracture caused by electrostatic ...
  • Norem, J.; Moretti, A.; Insepov, Z. (Proceedings of 2011 Particle Accelerator Conference, New York, 2011)
    We have been extending and refining our model of vacuum breakdown and gradient limits and describe recent developments. The model considers a large number of mechanisms, but finds that vacuum arcs can be described fairly ...

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