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  • Insepov, Z.; Aoki, T.; Matsuo, J.; Yamada, I. (IEEE. Ion Implantation Technology Proceedings, 1998 International Conference, 1999-12)
    Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Metropolis Monte- Carlo (MMC) models of monomer B and decaborane implantation into Si and following rapid thermal annealing (RTA) processes have been developed. The implanted B dopant and Si-atomic ...
  • Allen, L. P.; Insepov, Z.; Fenner, D. B.; Santeufemio, C.; Brooks, W.; Jones, K. S.; Yamada, I. (Journal of applied physics, 2002)
    Atomic force microscopy ~AFM! and high-resolution transmission electron microscope ~HRTEM! cross section imaging of individual gas cluster ion impact craters on Si~100! and Si~111! substrate surfaces is examined. The ...
  • Aoki, T.; Matsuo, J.; Insepov, Z.; Yamada, I. (Ion Implantation Technology Proceedings, 1998 …, 1999, 1999)
    Cluster ion implantation using decaborane (B,J-I,,) has been proposed as a useful technique for shallow junction formation. In order to examine the characteristics and advantages of cluster ion implantation, molecular ...
  • Insepov, Z.; Manory, R.; Matsuo, J.; Yamada, I. (Physical Review B, 2000)
    Large gas-cluster-ion bombardment has been shown to be a unique tool for generating a variety of bombarding effects over a broad range of acceleration energies. A hardness measurement technique is proposed in this paper ...

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