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  • Xie, Xinhua; Roither, Stefan; Sch¨offler, Markus; Xu, Huailiang; Bubin, Sergiy; L¨otstedt, Erik; Erattuphuza, Sonia; Iwasaki, Atsushi; Kartashov, Daniil; Varga, K´alm´an; Paulus, Gerhard G.; Baltuˇska, Andrius; Yamanouchi, Kaoru; Kitzler, Markus (2014)
    We experimentally investigate the ionizationmechanism behind the formation of remarkably high charge states observed in the laser-pulse-induced fragmentation of different hydrocarbon molecules by Roither et al. [Phys. Rev. ...
  • Russakoff, Arthur; Bubin, Sergiy; Xie, Xinhua; Erattupuzha, Sonia; Kitzler, Markus; Varga, K´alm´an (2015)
    The alignment-dependent ionization of acetylene and ethylene in short laser pulses is investigated in the framework of the time-dependent density-functional theory coupled with Ehrenfest dynamics. The molecular alignment ...

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